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Per the deed restrictions of Bloomingdale Village, all residents are required to submit a completed architectural request form to the board of directors when making changes to the outside of their property.
A change is defined as any alteration to the appearance of the home and/or its property which can be viewed from the street(s) throughout the community. This includes painting, exterior additions and renovations such as alterations to driveways, patios, roofs, doors and windows as well as any drastic landscaping changes. The variance should be fully completed and submitted at least 30 days in advance of your project state date.
To submit a variance application please log into your homeowner portal by going to https://home.cincweb.com
You should have received a copy of the deed restrictions with your home closing.
If you do not have a copy, you should contact your home closing agent.
You can also purchase a lost/replacement copy of the deed restrictions from the management company.
Note that the Articles of Incorporation have precedence over the By-Laws and the Declaration of Covenants take precedence over the Article of Incorporation.
The following files are FOR REFERENCE USE ONLY.

BVHOA Declaration of Covenants (PDF | DOCX | RTF)
BVHOA Articles of Incorporation (PDF | DOCX | RTF)


Let's face it, the garbage collectors are not the neatest when emptying our trash bins. Help keep our community looking its best by picking up errant bits of paper, etc. We all appreciate your efforts.

Did you know that you are responsible for the maintenance of the trees/shrubs you may have between the sidewalk and the street? Limbs above the sidewalk should be cut at least 8 ft above the sidewalk and limbs over the street should be cut at least 12-13 feet above the street. The Fire Department and EMS require this much clearance for their trucks.